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Drunken Debates, Round 2

By Ann

Hello, hello, internet friends. I apologize for this post not being up on Monday–I was down and out with a hearty case o’ the death plague. It was no good. But you know what is good?

There are two more Drunken Debates videos from me and Katie’s first session that I’ve been saving for a rainy day. Today was arguably more snowy than rainy, but here they are nonetheless.

You won’t want to miss these, because they are both on subjects near and dear to everyone’s hearts. Should men have chest hair? Should they not have chest hair? Should women have long hair? Should women have short hair? I don’t know why we talk about hair so much, but a friend of Katie’s suggested a number of random debate topics to us and apparently she cared passionately about hair.

Two things I would like to clarify upfront:

1. I don’t mean to say that everyone without chest hair is a young boy, just that young boys don’t have any. This, in drunk speak, does not translate per se.

2. No, I cannot explain that rather inexplicable brain meltdown in the second. Don’t ask me to try. I’ve got nothing.

So, who won? Any future topics you’d like to see us debate?

Also, in case you missed the first batch (blasphemy!), here’s the link: Drunken Debates.

How to Bake Samoa Cookies. When Drunk.

By Ann

Would you like to know what Katie and I spent last Friday night doing? You’re about to find out.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the delightful Hannah Hart and her youtube cooking show, “My Drunk Kitchen.” The premise is to get drunk and make shit in the kitchen.

This is what happens when Katie and I do that.

Enjoy our tomfoolery and find yourself in the mood for further hijinks?

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