Hello, It’s Me… with a New Blog

Dear Internet,

It’s never easy to put your heart out on the line, but *deep breath*, here we go…

We had a lot of good times together back in 2012-2013: screaming about pandas, turning pop songs into sonnets, and wearing cats as shawls. It started off so great.

Then, we got busy… And heaven knows you had plenty to occupy yourself with, what with all the new hashtags and cute animal vids and oh-so-many justified political rants.

We know that we spent some time apart. But deep down, we missed you.

Internet, let’s get back together. If you reciprocate our feelings, you know where to find us, at our new blog, Into the Friar: intothefriar.com

We promise more of the same, and then some! Hope to see you there.


Ann & Shawn

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