Drunken Debates

By Ann

Because Katie and I have nothing better to do with our lives than to drink and happily bicker about nonsense, we decided to make a Youtube series out of it. Introducing… Drunken Debates!

The premise is that we pick a random topic, get drunk, and then flip a coin and argue for whatever it tells us to. As you can well imagine, things get weird fast.

Also, I got super sick the next day, so I hope this fills you with jubilance and that my sacrifice was not in vain.

After you watch, let us know who you think won. And, as you make your decisions, be sure to bear in mind that Katie is a baby-stabber.


  1. Jayme Bells

    You know the only version of that song I like is “Jayme Bells” and while your version was hauntingly beautiful, I could tell that that was not the version you sang.

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