Tween Novel Ideas

By Shawn

A while back, the girlfriend and I were discussing ideas for the next hot tween novel and came up with Withholding Vampire, the story of a young girl and an erratic vampire who can be changed if she loves him hard enough. But just in case the whole vampire thing is over by the time we’re ready to publish, I’ve come up with some other tween novel ideas I thought I’d share:

(1)   Emotionally Distant Mummy
(2)   Troubled Past Werewolf
(3)   Kind of a Dick Sometimes Yeti
(4)   Drinking Problem Ghost
(5)   Hidden Cocaine Habit Leprechaun
(6)   Sadomasochistic Unicorn
(7)   Abusive Werebadger
(8)   Meth-making Merman (think Splash + Breaking Bad)
(9)   Has a Secret Second Family Ogre
(10)   Commitmentphobic Zombie Cat
(11)   Already Had His Heart Broken Once Human Jellyfish
(12)   Lives With His Mother Cave Troll
(13)   Basically Nice But Doesn’t Get Along with Your Friends Skeleton
(14)   Napoleon-Complex Gnome
(15)   Fifty Shades of Guy Who Thinks He’s a Zebra

I feel like all of those would sell. And/or make a moving film starring Rob Pattinson.


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