Getting Sick, and the Problem of Acclimation con.

By Ann

A couple weeks ago, Shawn wrote a post entitled Home Repair, and the Problem of Acclimation. You know, about how as long as your appliances fall apart gradually, you slip into tolerating worse and worse living conditions. Eventually, you wake up one day and find yourself living in a trash can with a blender that only works if you clap three times, say a prayer over it, and stick your finger in the nearest electrical outlet.

Yes, reader, I too suffer from this condition. But I also suffer from its uglier cousin: getting sick, and the problem of acclimation. If I get really sick fast, I’ll go to a doctor. If, however, the illness takes its time and lets me get use to its symptoms one by one, for some reason, I simply can’t be bothered to seek medical attention.

You know what I’m talking about. It starts off like this:

You wake up one day and you don’t feel quite right. It’s something innocent enough, like the sniffles, and you think, “Hmm, might be getting a cold. If it gets worse, maybe I’ll see a doctor.”

Flash forward to three days later:

You still have the sniffles, and your throat kind of hurts. Also, there are three mysterious red bumps on your neck. They itch. You think, “Hmm. Still have that cold. Maybe there are spiders in my bed. If that rash gets worse, I should probably call a doctor.”

Five days later:

The fever sets in. The red bumps now cover your neck and both of your arms. You think, “Hmm, that cold is pretty stubborn. So are the spiders. Oh well, if it gets really unbearable, I’ll definitely call the doctor.”

One month later:

The rash has gained sentience, taken over your brain, and now controls your mind and body. You try to think, “Doctor?” and instead find yourself thinking, “ALL HAIL TO RASH-KING, ITCHTHOR.”

Granted, this is a worst case scenario. As I write this, I’m somewhere between the three and five day mark.

Don’t worry, though. I’ll call a doctor.

If it gets worse.

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