What I’m Doing When I’m Supposed to be Writing

By Ann

Every year, my Dad makes the same New Year’s resolution: to have more fun. His optimism made a strong impact on me when I was in middle school and my resolution was to be less fat.

From that time on, I resolved to adopt my dad’s positive attitude in all future resolutions. Generally, I make my deepest resolutions on Yom Kippur, or as a friend so lovingly dubbed it, “Jew Year’s.” (Yes, I know Rosh Hashanah is the actual Jewish New Year. But come on. Jew Year’s.) But I do have an additional New Year’s resolution for 2013.

I want to make good progress on my book this year. Should be easy, right? Well, I thought so, until I realized that I’ve been working on it for over a year and only have 90 pages. So where was the time spent parked in front of my laptop going?

I decided to puzzle it out the only way I could trust—a painstakingly constructed infographic.

So here that goes:

When I'm Supposed to Be Writing

There you have it. Mystery solved. This not only explains my lack of progress, but also why I’ve gotten so good at Bejeweled.

I also find that the infographic makes a stellar point about the amount of time spent generating useless infographics about writing, which could be instead used for actual writing.

So, on that note, I’m off to achieve my New Year’s Resolution of 2013!  Or, barring that, to continue playing Bejeweled.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far?

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