Cures for the Election Blues

By Ann

election blues [ih-lek-shuhn blooz]:

  • noun;
  • a deeply distressed emotional state arising out of the modern process of selecting a person or persons for office by vote. This process frequently includes: eons of campaigning, meaningless grandstanding, nonstop media coverage equating to the ungodly omnipresence of both candidates in one’s brain, and frequent passive-aggressive debates with acquaintances via social media.

Or, more colloquially, you know that feeling you get when someone brings up the election for the seventeenth time in one day and you have the overwhelming urge to headbutt him into oblivion? Yeah, that’s the one.

“Election blues” seemed like a more polite way to phrase it. Also more succinct.

You may or may not be suffering from this at present. Seeing as Election Day is tomorrow, I’m guessing it’s likely. So, here are a couple quick Monday morning cures for your own election blues.

1. If you want to laugh at the concept of Mitt Romney:

2. If you want to laugh at the concept of Barack Obama:

3. If you’re completely burnt out on everything relating to the election:

Then to hell with it. Here’s a big picture of Stella wearing a burqa:

Hope that helps a little. Just try not to headbutt anyone today.


  1. Mei

    I’m just glad that it’s all over and didn’t get dragged out for weeks. Although it is amusing to read through my “friend’s” facebook debates and election related unfriending dramas….it’s getting pretty old now. I can’t wait to tell people “chill out the election was so last week!” 😛

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