The Incomprehensibles, Part II

By Shawn

In response to a previous post, The Incomprehensibles, my friends Lucy and Cameron e-mailed me a proposal for a sequel, which I thought I’d share:

“So, on the way to campus this morning, Cameron and I managed to come up with plot for Incomprehensibles 2: The Elocution.

The villains are the Elocutioners, a group of British aristocrats who develop the Enunciator 5000, a weapon that forces people speak properly and behave with decorum — they wish for a civilized world, and see their neo-colonial mission as one of mercy. – The leader of the Elocutioners is Henry Higginsdeath, an twisted professor whose favored weapon is a hammer made from the OED.

Maggie Smith should also probably be involved.

In a key scene, the Incomprehensibles realize that they must infiltrate the Elocutioners’ headquarters. This leads to a stunning montage in which the Incomprehensibles must learn to speak and act properly. Hilarity ensues. So do distressingly tight breeches.

There may also be a way to combine this with Step Up 5, in which a group of misfit street kids manage to turn a stately Elocutioner ball into a free-wheeling dance-off, breaking the spell of the Enunciator 5000.

And there you go. Cinematic gold.”

Cinematic gold is right. Make it happen, Hollywood.

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