Singapore and Mentos Want You to Have Babies

By Shawn

It recently came to my attention that, apparently, the government of Singapore is trying to get people to have more babies, so it started a campaign in partnership with Mentos to encourage its citizens to bang each other. Best of all, it even made a music video:

It’s worth contemplating how exactly something like this could ever come to exist.

Singapore Government Official #1: Gentleman, our country is experiencing an unprecedented demographic crisis. We’re far below the replacement rate, and if we don’t do something soon, we’ll have no way to fund our nation’s social safety net.

Government Official #2: It’s gonna take a lot of hard work on our part to turn this around.

Government Official #3: Yes, we’ll have to work very hard. OR… we could just turn the whole problem over to Mentos.

Government Official #1: Mentos? Why on earth would we get Mentos involved?

Government Official #3: Because they’re the freshmaker?

Government Official #1: Well, I’m convinced.

However it came about, I’m glad. This video is priceless.

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