Pop Songs as Sonnets: #6: Miley Cyrus — Party in the U.S.A.

By Shawn

Strode off the boat that sailed me to L.A.
With but a woolen cloak to keep me warm.
I find myself a coach without delay,
And take in all the city’s bustling charm.
Get to the feast and face an audience tough.
The others jeer and fear doth seize my heart.
“Who is that maid whose neck doth lack a ruff?”
“Forsooth, that wench must hail from foreign parts.”
My stomach churns, but then the band doth play.
Hark, troubadours strike up my fav’rite tune.
I raise my arms and thence commence to sway;
I know that I shall surely fair well soon.
Yeah-ah-ah-ah is all have to say
About this fest that’s in the U.S.A.

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