Jayme’s Doodle and Spiders on Drugs

Written by Ann, Material Supplied by Jayme

Today’s Spider-related post comes courtesy of my friend, Jayme, who never fails to produce delightful and surreal material on any number of subjects. For more Jayme madness, visit his blog at http://metapodlove.blogspot.com/

First, a video he recommends:

And now a doodle that he “did many moons ago that has a spider in it.”

Now, I’m going to level with you, Jayme/the world, I have no idea where the spider is in this doodle. I actually have no idea what on earth this doodle is even supposed to be depicting. After several minutes of close scrutiny, my face pressed up to the screen, I discerned only the following possible narrative:

Once upon a time, there was an evil clown. He had a happy little pet crab. The little crab’s happiness filled the bitter clown’s heart with so much rage that he slapped it to pieces with his clawed hand and served it up with bacon and eggs for breakfast. The clown shared this breakfast with his equally bitter friends, Balloon-Head Man and Cap’n Hydra Hunchback. Unfortunately, Cap’n Hydra Hunchback was as bad at eating as he was at living, so he upchucked it all onto Balloon-Head Man’s outstretched hand. Then, no one was happy. The end.

So… that’s my best guess. Please let us know if anyone else has any other theories, preferably ones that actually include spiders.


P.S. Yes, Jayme, I did get the second video you also sent. I’m not reposting it because it was terrible, and no one should ever have to watch that. You already know that. You know what you did.


  1. Jayme Smell

    It’s in the doodle that I meant to send to Ann. But instead, Ann received one of the few spider-less doodles I’ve created. Sending the real spider doodle to Ann now. But boy did I love her interpretation of my doodle. Maybe I’ll send her another one of mine that still doesn’t have a spider in it…

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