Story Fail

By Ann

My roommate has a lot of wondrous qualities, but she is infamous for not understanding what makes for a good story. Case in point:

Katie: So, I’ve got a good story for you. You know how a bunch of people think Kevin Spacey is gay?

Ann: No.

Katie: Okay, well they do, and then there was this whole thing where interviewers were all like, “Hey, Kevin Spacey, are you gay?” and he was like, “This is none of your business, I’m not going to tell you.”

Ann: So?

Katie: Well, it was funny, though, because he, like, kept saying that, even though he probably was. So he sort of said that he was without saying he was.

Ann: …

Katie: This wasn’t a very good story. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I ran in here to tell you this. I’ll go now.

Ann: Mmkay.

Katie: Oh, wait, but you know what is a good story?! Today I bought some bean dip!

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