Who needs autocorrect when you’re already insane?

By Ann


So, tell me, blog world. “Verb the fool out of noun.” Is that a real expression or do I just think that’s a real expression? I mean, either way, I’m going to keep saying it. I just like to keep abreast of how banana-balls my current verbal expressions are.


  1. John

    You seem to be using “fool” as a replacement for “heck” or “hell” or any other form of swear word. I’ve never heard it used before. It sounds like something a Mormon would say so as not to cuss.

  2. siblingandcharybdis

    I do like to keep my expletives creative. That is something the Mormons and I have in common–that, and our shared adoration of the Mormon Temple visible from I-495 (but then again, my adoration stems from being tricked as a child into thinking it was the Emerald City from Oz, so I don’t think that one really counts). The only downside to keeping my language oddly colorful–and I do mean, ONLY–is that I quickly forget that no one else knows what I’m talking about. Banana-balls is a good example. Don’t know where that one came from, but it’s too late to exorcise it from my vocabulary now. -A

  3. aliannie

    Pretend no one has mentioned it yet and that this is the first comment on the post:

    “Heh. Banana-balls.”

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