“You Got Serbed”

Shawn: So, I have a new film idea. It’s one of those dance-off movies, except it’s about the war in Bosnia, and it’s called You Got Serbed.
Ann: Shawn.
Shawn: I’ve also worked out one of the dance numbers. It’s entitled, “I’m a Slav for You,” and the whole thing kicks off because the Serbs want the Croatians to stop dancing and focus on their math homework, but the Croatians—
Shawn: Yes, Ann?
Ann: You’re just so upsetting.


  1. Q

    A day after reading this, I found myself in the company of a distraught Serb, trying to come up with some way to advertise her Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language class for next fall. Inspired by your blog post, we will soon be putting into production posters with the following text: “You’ve been Serbed! Get Croative– fulfill your college language requirement like a Bos-nian”.

  2. Q

    Fan mail emails for this poster just keep rolling in. The latest: “This is I’m sure totally out of the blue, but I just wanted to say that your poster is the greatest advertisement for taking a language course I’ve ever seen. I posted a photo of it to my Facebook page, and friends from around the world have been admiring it.”

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