My Notes to Myself Are Absolutely Useless

By Shawn

At the moment, I’m in graduate school, and like any grad student, when I read a piece of academic writing or listen to someone give a talk, I try to take notes on it. The problem is, my notes are invariably elliptical and sarcastic to the point of absolute uselessness. Here are some especially  inscrutable examples:

(1) “good old ‘It’s fine for big fish to eat little fish’ Spinoza”

(2) “they seem to think that Jesus loves bling.”

(3) “I hate human abundance.”

(4) “burgers vs. tacos”

(5) “oh come on. Roman Empire, bitches.”

Why did I write any of that? I have no idea.  “Burgers vs. tacos” in particular I find it difficult to reconstruct the context for. I think I need to work on my note-taking skills.

On another note, I hope the Romans had the presence of mind to say, “Roman Empire, bitches,” like, all the time. I hope  “Oh come on. Roman Empire, bitches,” was the Roman equivalent of “bitch, please.”

Roman #1: Hey man, that Parthian army looks pretty scary. Do you really think we can take them?

Roman #2: Oh come on. Roman Empire, bitches.

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