How Ann Cleans Out Her Fridge

By Shawn

Ann:  Oh God, what is this? Oh God, how old is it? Oh God, this is disgusting. I need to get this outside. I need to get this outside right now. Oh God, it’s on the outside of the bag! Oh God, I can smell it! Oh God, I need a stick! Why can’t I find a stick? No, this stick isn’t large enough. It’s not large enough at all! Oh Jesus, protect me! Jesus, provide me with a stick!! Okay. Okay, it’s alright… Oh God no, it’s everywhere. Sweet Jesus, it’s hideous! Oh God, I need soap. Oh, God, where’s the soap?! Okay, here’s the soap. Oh God, what’s wrong with the soap? Why is the soap like this? WHY IS THE SOAP LIKE THIS?! WHY IS EVERYTHING HORRIBLE?!?!?

Shawn: Could we, uh… could we talk later, maybe?

Ann: NO!


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