Happy Birthday, Shawn!!!

When I was a kid, I used to think it was really clever to go up to other kids in my class and tell them the first and only riddle I ever devised, assuming that they would be delighted and impressed by my cunning. Clearly, I was the second coming of the Sphinx and should be worshipped as such.

Yeah, here’s how that went:

Ann: Hey, you wanna hear a riddle?

Kid: Not really.

Ann: I have a brother who is older than me, and a brother who is younger than me. I only have one brother. How can this be?

Kid: Huh? Who cares?

Ann: Guess.

Kid: No.

Ann: Okay, I’ll tell you. He was born on leap year!!

Kid: … What’s leap year?

This was never how I’d imagined this interaction going, though it did seem to be the inevitable result. On the plus side, however, then we usually got into an informative discussion about February 29th and the eccentricities of the calendar. Eventually, I got tired of talking about the calendar and just gave up on it all together.

Nonetheless, Shawn, I want you to know that my foolhardy riddle was in honor of you. I like to think of it now as just one more way that your influence has made me socially unacceptable. Don’t believe me that it was all your fault? I have evidence:

Why I am the way I am.

Case closed.


And as always, thanks for the memories/warping my young and impressionable mind.

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