Pop Songs as Sonnets #4: Lady Gaga — Born This Way

By Shawn

It doth not matter if thou lovest him,
Or if thou lovest H-I-M so much,
A different love can never be a sin–
All’s well, ’cause baby thou wert birthed as such.
Be thou fair-skinned or be thou beige or Moorish,
Thou needst not hide thyself in deep regret.
I tell thee that thy love is most unwhorish–
God made thee thus and therefore thou art set.
Whoe’er thou lov’st, go make the two-backed beast;
I know the Deity would quite approve.
In all His creatures God above is pleased,
And made thee so that thou’dst get on thy groove.
The Lord doth love his children very much–
‘Tis evident, ’cause we were birthed as such.

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