Pop Songs as Sonnets #3: LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

By Shawn

Yea when I walk on by a maiden fair,
I feel her blushing gaze doth follow me,
And rest upon my ample derriere,
Which clad in an’mal print much tempteth she.
I’m in a Speedo tryin’ t’ tan my cheeks
And every passing lass is on me soon.
I know it is my codpiece that they seek,
For I have passion in my pantaloons.
O wench I bid thee look upon that body—
The normal rules of sexy it doth flout.
Aye, thou wilt quite agree it be not shoddy;
I’ll have thee know ’tis ’cause I oft work out.
I’m proud of my great rump and would fain show it.
I tell thee, maid, I’m comely and I know it.


  1. siobhan

    This is so awesome. I really like “O wench I bid thee look upon that body.”

    suggestion for another song–“Sexy Bitch”
    I seek ways to describe this maid without causing offense….
    “damn, who’s a sexy bitch”

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