“Booth ‘n Friends”

Shawn: I know! Let’s write a children’s play about John Wilkes Booth to teach kids the importance of persistence!

Ann: No, Shawn.

Shawn: He could be all like, “Dang, missed again!” and then his friend could be like, “You’ll get him next time, Johnny!”

Ann: Absolutely not.

Shawn: The friend could be his talking gun!


One comment

  1. bellegroveatportconway

    Cute postings. It made me laugh. I was searching for postings about John Wilkes Booth and came across it. My husband and I are about to open a bed and breakfast just across the river from Garrett’s Farm where John Wilkes Booth died. The property is the birthplace of James Madison. Just this week I have confirmed that the detachment that pursued Booth and Harold stopped at the property and ate and slept there.

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