Another Reason Why High School Teachers are so Depressed

By Ann

Earlier this week, I posted about the joys of my surreal high school in The Wolf Problem. This is another such entry from old Livejournal, which documented my daily experiences…

We’re now learning about climate and atmosphere in AP Enviro, everyone’s favorite subject. And by everyone, I mean absolutely no one. Anyway, yesterday in class, Ms. Howell is discussing the gas components of the atmosphere when a student raises his hand.

“Ms. Howell?” he asks.

Ms. Howell sighs wearily. “What?”

“How do you know what gases the atmosphere is made of? Like, how do you test that?”

“Well,” begins Ms. Howell, “scientists can take air samples, which-”

She is interrupted by the student. “Hold up. You can’t take an air sample. That’s like taking a . . . Jesus sample,” he says.

Ms. Howell stares at him. “I’m sorry. A what?”

“You know, a Jesus sample,” he replies.

Ms. Howell just stares harder. Then she clears her throat, turns back to the board, and continues with the lesson.

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